The games, the sights, the sounds and the food are unmistakeable. During the spring and summer, a local carnival is without a doubt, part of what makes the season so much fun. Dennis and Judi were discussing carnivals this morning and wanted to know your opinion on them.

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The conversation started from the story that a carnival worker or a "Carnie" as they are known, was arrested after narcotics were allegedly found in her wallet.

Donna M. Gamble, from South Carolina, was arrested on drug and other charges after originally telling police that she had her wallet stolen.

Gamble, of Kingstree, S.C., had worked at the First Baptist Church carnival on Dill Avenue, in Linden, which ran from July 25th to 28th.

Dennis and Judi were discussing Gamble's frightening mug shot, which you can see below. Would you want to run in to this woman at a a carnival?

Linden Police

As the digital age grows and more and more kids are introduced to amazing technology, are carnivals becoming a thing of the past? Do kids even get excited to go to a carnival any longer?

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