Microsoft recently released the news that they will be opening a store at the Freehold Raceway Mall setting up shop on the lower level just a few doors down from the Apple Store.


Anyone that has ever walked by an Apple Store knows that they are always packed with people of all ages looking to buy the latest Apple product.  In spite of the fact that Apple products are usually more expensive, people still line up to buy these expensive toys because they know that they can depend on the product without dealing with many viruses, glitches, or software issues.  Coming off of the excitement of the release of The new Ipad, Apple is as successful as ever.  So the question is, if Microsoft were to open more stores, making their products even more accessible, would that change consumer's minds and sway them away from Apple? As a full Apple user owning an Ipad, an Ipod, and a Macbook Pro (just waiting on that Iphone 5 like you), I firmly stand by Apple products, but I also know all to well that being a Mac user can get pretty pricey.  Depending on your purpose, some Microsoft products might start to look pretty good in this economy as gas is starting to pull closer and closer to $4 a gallon in New Jersey. Take the poll and tell me what you think about the competition between Apple Vs Microsft.