Two major U.S. corporations are reporting they've been the target of hackers.

Screengrab of Jeep's hacked Twitter account (Twitter)

Apple says a small number of Mac computers at its offices were infected by malicious software, in an attack similar to the one Facebook acknowledged last week. In both cases, computers were infected through software downloaded from a site for software developers. The attacks took advantage of flaws in the Java plug-in for Web browsers.

The Java vulnerability is well known, and in January, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security recommended disabling Java in Web browsers to avoid hacking attacks.

Meanwhile Chrysler says someone hacked into the Jeep brand's twitter account yesterday, making false Tweets for about an hour. Hackers posted that the Jeep brand had been sold to Cadillac because employees had been caught using pills. They also posted that there would be no more Jeep production.

The move was similar to an incident involving Burger King on Monday, although it's unclear if the two incidents are linked.


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