APK Towing has fired one employee responsible for billing in the wake of a controversy over towing vehicles out of Seaside Heights following Sandy and the price charged to owners to get them back.

Investigators at APK Towing on Friday afternoon (Facebook via Ocean County Police Blotter)

The company's attorney,  Steven Secare, told the Asbury Park Press that the unidentified employee used the phrase "Office of Emergency Management Ocean County" on billing, charging $150 for “administrative and extra services” and $103 for “subcontractor notice and billing.”

An invoice obtained by Townsquare Media NJ uses the phrase "Office of Emergency Management Seaside Heights" and charges $103 for "tacking, invoice, data, notice fee" and no $150 charge. The recipient of the invoice said he was initially told by APK's Richard DeMarco, who answered the phone at the number printed on the invoice, that the charge was over $600 but the price was knocked down to $400 because, according to DeMarco, the recipient was a year round resident of Seaside Heights.

Attempts to contact the Ocean County Prosecutor's Office about the possible difference in wording on the invoices were unsuccessful on Saturday.

DeMarco's employment and position with APK is unknown.

Towing invoice (Townsquare Media NJ)

The offices and lot of APK remain closed following a visit from police & investigators on Thursday night. “The Prosecutor’s Office is in charge,” Boyd said. “They served two search warrants, and we are just fact-finding," Seaside Heights Police Chief Thomas Boyd told the Asbury Park Press.

APK has agreed to charge a flat rate of $250 for residents to release their vehicles and offered refunds for anyone who paid a higher rate.