So they finally caught the kid who was threatening to shoot up Bayonne High School. Well he actually wasn’t threatening he was just inventing a threat, one that never was going to come to fruition.

And that’s the thing about threats like this; they never do. Before school shootings and social media, it was bomb threats. And anytime a kid wanted to close school, rattle nerves or just generally be a pain in the you know what, he’d call in a bomb threat and the entire school Would freak out and shut down.

And I would always say the same thing I am going to say now: nobody who intends to commit a violent act in a school is going to warn you first.

Whack-job kids who actually would shoot up a school would want to take everyone by surprise. That way they would inflict the most harm, injury and sheer terror they possibly could. And if they warn you first, they are going to subvert their mission.

So you can be sure of one thing: Anytime there is a threat, it’s not gonna happen.

And the dumb kids who post these threats online or scrawl them on bathroom walls are getting the exact attention they desire. That encourages like-minded ninnies to do the same, thus creating a vicious cycle. If we show just one that we are not responding to these threats, they’ll all crawl back into their holes.

If a kid can see that a threat is going nowhere, he’s going to find some other hobby. So next time a threat like this shows up, let’s put a couple extra security officers in school and continue with business as usual.

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