During today's show, we received a call from a young woman named Ally, a student on Monmouth University. She wanted to voice her opinions on the election, and made a statement that we had to fact-check.

Ally said that people on campus at Monmouth University are "pulling on people's hijabs and saying 'We live in Trump America.'

We reacted the way we were supposed to as hosts of a radio show that is licensed by the FCC by asking the necessary questions. As soon as Ally made that statement, Dennis said "You're reaching nearly a million people with what you're saying. I want to make sure you accurately and honestly depict whatever it is you've seen or experienced at Monmouth University."

Dennis & Judi kept asking the question her EXACTLY what happened. She said she saw this, but didn't report the authorities. Judi responded by saying "If this happened, I am going to report it to Monmouth University....can you give the location?" Ally then hung up.

It was clear that Ally was caught in a lie. Being radio professionals, it's our job to clearly debunk rumors like this. It's lies and rumors like this that are able to be spread on social media without any background check, and thousands of people believe.

Moral of the story, fact check before you believe everything you see or hear.

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