You're at work.  It's lunchtime.  You're starving.  You go to the fridge in the break room to fetch your sandwich or yogurt.  Your lunch is gone.  OMG, what can I do?  Here's a solution.

Your solution to a "lifted lunch" may be in the form of a repulsive looking plastic lunch bag.  Two creative people named Sherwood and Mihoko have developed the Anti-Theft Lunch Bag.


It's one of these simple concepts of "why didn't I think of that."  It's a plastic every-day-looking lunch bag with one difference.  The bags have splotches of green on both sides to give the impression that the food has mold.



I do have one troubling "food" for thought.  One of your co-workers spots your "ruined" lunch and tosses it in the trash.  What the heck, take the risk and see what happens.

The Anti-Theft Lunch Bags are re-usable and will run you about eight dollars for a box of 25.  A portion of the proceeds go toward "Freedom From Hunger."

A word of advice.  Don't leave your sandwich in the fridge too long because those fake green blotches may turn into real green blotches.