Wait, what? That's right. Anti-circumcision activists want Bill Gates to slowly step away from the knife. Or at least from supporting it. Apparently the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation gave $160 million to 14 African countries' HIV/AIDS prevention programs encouraging male circumcision. Then the Canadian Foreskin Awareness Project, yes, that's the name of the group, steps in. Group founder Glen Callender says, "Circumcision does not prevent HIV. Bill Gates means well, there certainly are things he's doing that I fully support, but I do not agree that circumcision is a valid or reasonable approach for 21st-century AIDS prevention.”

Callender is dead wrong according to University of B.C. Medicine's Dr. Richard Lester. The evidence linking HIV and circumcision is nearly unanimous – “as clear as you really can get in medical research,” the division of infectious diseases researcher said. “It's actually one of the best-proven interventions for reducing HIV/AIDS transmission." But can you imagine being circumcised as a grown man? Yikes.

Meanwhile Bill Gates might be missing the days before he became philanthropic if this is the nonsense he has to deal with.