As I was filling in for Big Joe Henry on Friday night...I gave you a FUN challenge! I asked you to choose which car in the above photo is mine!

After the Sunday night show...not too long ago! (Craig Allen photo)

Now, as promised, the time has come to reveal the answer!

(My) Craig Allen's car is....

It's a pleasure to hit the Jersey back roads on a sunny, Spring afternoon! (Craig Allen photo)

...on the LEFT.

Look...closely! (Craig Allen photo)

The cars are identical...until you look REAL closely. There are a few clues...but you have to have seen past articles about my car, and/or be a regular listener to the show to pick up on some...

Following the plow/salt truck, in the heavy falling snow, after a Saturday radio show! (Craig Allen photo)

I drive a LOT...and especially with all the "crummy" winter weather we have had...the car on the left is dirtier. That's ME. It's a combination of road salt, and...wood dust!

If the dust part confuses might recall that a few weeks ago, I wrote here at about extensive remodeling at my father's place. The guys have been cutting and sanding in the garage...right next to where I can park!

A BIGGER clue should have been...the bumper sticker on the car to the right.

"I LOVE YARN." Not exactly a "guy thing."

The irony is, the bumper sticker is not (as I thought) a reference to a love for "arts and crafts."

"YARN" is a Jersey ROCK BAND.

As Big Joe always says: "Go out and support our Jersey musicians!"

And, not that you would necessarily know... bumper sticker in sight... (Craig Allen photo).

...I NEVER put a sticker anywhere on my car...unless it is one of those "static stickers" that you put in your back window (and can remove without any damage to the car).

So, there you have it!

Hope you had fun!

And, yes....the car on the left is headed back to the (above) car wash...soon!