A New Jersey Police officer is the latest to lose his job over what he has posted to the internet.
29 year old Hector Rosado was an eight year veteran of the Orange police force. According to Mayor Eldridge Hawkins, Rosado began Tweeting derogatory comments about the town back in January. An anonymous tip led the mayor to read the tweets. The Star-Ledger quoted Mayor Hawkins as saying, “To say “F” your employer in a public forum…is just unacceptable.” Rosado’s tweets focused on recent layoffs in the department and direct criticisms of the mayor. Rosado appears to be issuing his tweets under the moniker: “M2daOOSE.”
Where Rosado appears to have crossed the line is with racial epithets and vulgarities. Defense attorneys in past and future arrest cases could have pointed to those tweets as evidence of bias, and could ultimately led to criminals going free. Police Director John Rappaport issued a statement: “The administration has taken corrective action by terminating the involved employee, and it is time to move forward.”
This morning, Rosado’s Twitter profile read: MisunderstOOd often, confused by many, hated by more, but realer than most.”