Commuters watch out: It's another morning of thick fog Monday.

The National Weather Service issued a dense fog advisory until 10 a.m. for most of the state, except for the northeast corner, with fog reducing visibility to a quarter-mile or less.

The speed limit on the New Jersey Turnpike was reduced to 45 mph between the Delaware Memorial Bridge and exit No. 7A in Robbinsville for I-195, and to 55 up to exit No. 12 in Carteret, according to New Jersey Fast Traffic's Bob Williams.

"You have to leave some extra distance between you and the guy in front of you. And don't use your high beams. They'll only reflect off the fog and create a glare," Williams said.

Meteorologist Dan Zarrow said our warm holiday-season weather is to blame for the fog.

"We have an atmospheric inversion in place this morning. That means the air temperature about a half-mile up is warmer than at the surface. Humid air is trapped below that inversion and - as is typical in such setups - we've had the formation of dense fog across the entire area this morning," Zarrow said.

Zarrow expects the fog to lift by late on Monday morning.

"But there's a chance we'll hang on to some fog, drizzle, and overcast skies throughout the day," said Zarrow, expecting another day of temperatures in the 60s.

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