We're not even a week into the school year and another child has been left on a bus, this time in Paterson. The driver and aide were fired.

Why were they hired in the first place if this was so horrible? Maybe you should fire the person that gave the contract to that company. Just sayin! It happens every year in just about every county in the state. Why? No, I'm seriously asking why?

When my kids took a school bus, they couldn't wait to get off of it and they NEVER fell asleep. They were too horrified at the fact that they weren't with their parents and that they were forced to be on this hideous vehicle that they couldn't wait to get the hell out of there.

Is it the parents fault for not preparing the kids with a good night's sleep or good instructions on what to do? I don't know, just asking!

Is it the quality of school bus drivers that are available to do that kind of job? I don't know, just asking!

Is it the schools don't care enough about the kids to put policies in place that would absolutely prevent this from EVER happening? I don't know, just asking!

Is it the fact that kids today are walking zombies who are passed off from one caregiver to program to pre-school to kindergarten that they don't even know where there supposed to be? I don't know, just asking!

Is it the fact that this antiquated, 19th century model of education is finally deteriorating in front of our eyes.....bingo!

American public education and all of it's systems are so archaic and outdated that it doesn't function properly in our modern world. Leaving a sleeping 6-year old on a bus is just the tip of the iceberg, but it's one of the many symptoms of a clunky, inefficient obsolete system.

But as long as the forces that are making big money off of it are in place, nothing will change anytime soon. There are great people in the system, teachers, aides, bus drivers, etc. But it's time to look at a more parent based, private leaning, self responsible way to get little Justin to count and read.

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