It’s one thing to worry about getting mugged on you way to the casino in Atlantic City, now we may have to worry about being beaten by security guards INSIDE the establishments.

Driendl Group, Getty Images

The latest alleged victim Richard Travellin has filed suit in Bergen County.

The 23 year old Travellin, who his attorney described as a “shy computer geek,” joins a mother and daughter from Florida and two Atlantic County cab drivers who say poorly trained guards attacked them while on Harrah’s property. Each of the alleged attacks was captured on video by Harrah’s in-house surveillance cameras.

On Feb. 24, 2013, he was waiting in line at 4:30 a.m. to enter Harrah’s Xhibition Bar, an upscale lounge situated in the middle of the casino floor. According to Travellin, a security guard approached him and began yelling at him. Surprised and confused, Travellin put his hands up, he said. “He wished no trouble,” said his attorney, Michael Maggiano of Fort Lee.  The guard smacked Travellin in the head while the student’s hands were still in the air, the suit states. As Travellin took a step back, he was tackled and fell hard to the casino floor. Other guards came running to the scene and piled on top of him, “kicking, kneeling … and pummeling him” in what the suit described as an “egregious gang-like attack

The video caught some of what followed, though the shots are obscured by the many gamblers playing table games.

“I was humiliated,” Smith said.

A spokesman for the casino declined to comment, saying the company does not speak about pending litigation.

Have you ever been harassed by security? How was it resolved?