MORRISTOWN — A severely anorexic 29-year-old woman is asking for a court ruling that would prevent her from getting forced feedings and allow her to enter palliative care.

The woman, identified as A.G., is currently being treated at Morristown Medical Center, according to the Daily Record. The article states that A.G. only weighs about 65 pounds and her current diet consists only of diet sodas, black coffee, and occasional bites of food that she purges. The NJ Department of Human Services is seeking an order for the woman to be force-fed, arguing that malnutrition may have left her incompetent to make decisions on her health, according to the story.

The case is being heard by Morris County Superior Court Judge Paul W. Armstrong who, in the 1970s successfully represented Joseph and Julia Quinlan when they fought to have their daughter, 21-year-old Karen Ann Quinlan, removed from life support. The judge is expected to review the arguments and issue a written decision, the article states.

The Daily Record article states that A.G.'s mother gave testimony last week, stating that supports her daughter's decision to stop receiving nutrition and enter palliative care. A.G. had previously been an involuntary patient at Greystone Psychiatric Hospital in Parsippany.

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