Ann Curry announced this morning that she's leaving the Today Show. Some people are stoked, and some people aren't. Well, too bad - it's not your decision.

If you could pull anyone off the air, who would it be? A few of our listeners chimed in this afternoon - read on and let us know if you agree or disagree.

Brian Williams - Jane from Parkway

Jane says: "Williams is smug and full of himself. He thinks he's far more clever than he actually is."

We kind of disagree - Brian Williams is the rock of television. At this point, it's hard to imagine anyone else reading the news.

Whoopi Goldberg - Tony from Blackwood

Tony and Judi agree here - Whoopi Goldberg may be an amazing stage actor, but she's out of her element hosting a talk show.

Everyone - Jerry on Rt. 195

Jerry called from the side of Rt. 195, and man, was he angry. We gave him the chance to rattle on about just any old thing he wanted.

  • Jenna Wolfe: She's cute, she's got moxie, she's got balls. She should replace everyone.
  • David Letterman: He's old - lose him.
  • Kelly Ripa: Regis made that show.
  • Himself: In 1952, Jerry did his own radio show in Cleveland.

Here is Curry's goodbye on the 'Today Show'