Angus T. Jones, "Jake" on the long-running CBS sitcom "Two & A Half Men", has said he's sorry for a bizarre rant complaining that the show which pays him an amazing $350,000 per episode is "filth". Jones issued the apology after the 14 minute rant went viral on YouTube (which you can see below).

Jones had not only called the show "filth", he said he "didn't want to be on it" & asked viewers to stop watching it. Jones, who has been on the show for almost 10 years & is only 19, said he's "grateful" for the people who work on the show & called them "an extension of my family". Read the entire story by clicking HERE.

Here's what Jones looks like then & now.

You can watch both videos of Angus T. Young's testimonies and judge for yourself.


Which statement do you believe is sincere? His initial rant or the apology? Who's your all-time favorite sitcom character?