I had legendary actor and comedian "The Diceman" Andrew Dice Clay on my show the other night. We got to talk about how he brought a rock 'n' roll lifestyle to standup comedy that had never been done before. We also had a chance to discuss his role in the hit HBO series "Vinyl."

"I was stoned out of my mind through the entire shoot," Clay opened up. Dice even admitted that he goofed on director Martin Scorsese during the shoot when Scorsese discussed some technical ideas with Clay. "I go look Marty, really, how many times I gotta tell you? You're the director of this show, ok? I don't care what you do with the camera. Just say 'action' and I'm on it again," Clay joked.

Clay continued by praising Vinyl's star, NJ native Bobby Cannavale. "Cannavale is just the greatest guy ever," Clay gushed. Dice talked about how they had worked together previously on the set of the movie "Blue Jasmine" and while they didn't have any scenes together, they got to know each other a bit.

Working along side Cannavale and others like Vinyl writer Terrance Winter, Clay says he noticed a glaring difference working with actors as opposed to being on the comedy stage. "I realized what it is now. In comedy there's no camaraderie. That's why I have a hard time with a lot of comics. They don't back each other up. They're not cool," Clay stated. In contrast, Clay says, when an actor is off camera, "This guy performed when I was doing my closeups, like he's on camera. Like just giving everything."

Listen to Clay's entire interview in the YouTube clip above.

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