Why is it that the New Year always starts with the resolution, “I need to lose X number of pounds!”

I’ll tell you why! Because you ate like a pig during the holidays! Plain and simple.

Admit it! Linguine with clam sauce, fried shrimp, fried scallops on the Eve, perhaps more pasta on Christmas Day, plus a ham, sweet potato pie and whatever munchies you could get your hands on as you watched the ball drop….God, do you feel your cholesterol going up another 50 points?

That’s why you resolve to lose weight!

But the eternal conundrum…how to go about it!

I don’t have a foolproof method, because everyone is different!

For instance, as an older dude, my metabolism is naturally slower, so I need to do more cardio, probably graze a bit more during the day on “healthy items”, try and eliminate the simple carbs like bread, pasta, sugary items (which I was never big on anyway…except for this time of the year!) and, as a friend of mine who works out like a fiend every day in the gym says, "Stay consistent!”

Easier said than done!

Where do you fit the “you time” in? When do you have at least an hour a day to exercise? Figure out the best time for you. It will take a lot of self discipline - it could be early in the morning before work, perhaps when you get home in the evening, but do make sure to compartmentalize.

And when you do, make sure to eat at least three meals a day. Preferably fit in a couple of healthy snacks in-between the meals. Nothing sets you up for failure like a fad diet. Skipping meals is out of the question!

My plan is simple. I start the day, believe it or not, at 10:30 AM. So between the hours of 10:30 and noon, I WILL work out - Not “try” to work out - but “will” work out.

You’re my witness…I’ll be forthright and let you know how it goes!

Starting point for me right now is 197 pounds. “Banz’ ah Nanz” syndrome is in full effect, and that has to be the first thing to go! So I’ll set a reasonable 5 lb goal by the end of the month. I’m sure it’ll be mostly water weight; but again, we’ll see how it goes!

I'm also planning to post some of my workouts here as videos, so we can share some tips. (The new camera we bought for Christmas will come in handy.)

Yes, you will be my virtual workout partner. After all, one can't do it by oneself.

I’ve often used the expression, “jacked by June”!

With us all putting our head together, I’m sure we can make it happen!