Yesterday we had you vote for our "LMAO Call of the Week." It was a close call, with the winning call take the title by a single vote.

Victoria from Forked River is this week's winning call, as she was discussing how she's a frequent listener, but we "annoy her more and more every day." Victoria called in as we were discussing interactions with the transgender community, and instantly bashed us because she thought we were "making a mockery" of the situation.

We were not having any of that. As Victoria made the claim that we live "these perfect lives," we told her that she has many options on the radio and could be listening to something else. It was then that Dennis started doing imitations of other radio stations she could listen to and the results are hysterical.

Thanks for voting, and check out the winner of Dennis & Judi's "LMAO Call of the Week" in the clip above.

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