Did you hear the one about the guy who pays good money to see Amy Schumer only to be brought up and humiliated on stage because he doesn't agree with her politics?

How about the one where 200 fans walk out of the show, also after paying good money, as it deteriorated into a political rant?

It happened at the Amalie Arena in Tampa, where fans were paying for a comedy show and ended up with an anti-Trump campaign.

I'm no fan of Trump. In fact truth be told I'm not crazy about either one of these candidates, but I am a fan of getting what you pay for. These people paid to see a comedy show. That guy who came up on stage was a paying fan and had no chance against an experienced comedian armed with a microphone, in an arena of her fans, who was clearly manipulating the conversation.

It wasn't a comedy bit and there was no funny payoff. Instead it launched a rant that escalated with 200 people leaving and Schumer threatening to have people thrown out if they yelled out their displeasure.

At one point, Schumer told her audience "I know you're here to laugh, but you choose your life," as if she is now blaming the audience members for their reaction. All they did was buy a ticket to what they thought was going to be a comedy show.

Bruce Springsteen has even cut back on expressing his political views from the stage — yet still gets his point across:

Entertainers like everyone else have a right to their opinion, also like everyone else, they have social media and websites to make it known. But the stage is business. The audience is paying for your time and that time should be used to entertain them.

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