We were talking about snack foods on the air the other day, and today I came across an article on Philly.com that tells the tale of a changing America, based on what foods are popular.

According to the article, salsa has supplanted ketchup as the nation's favorite condiment; that claim has been made for years and not everyone believes it. Over 20 years go, the New York Times reported that salsa is the winner if you go by sales' dollars (since salsa costs more), but if you measure by volume sold, ketchup remains the champ. I think you have to factor in the fact that many people make their own salsa, I don't know anyone who makes their own ketchup.

Back to the Philly.com piece, it claims that tortilla chips are more popular than potato chips; but the Daily Mail says that when you look at pounds sold, potato chips are still the king in the U.S. When I was a child, I never remember having tortilla chips in the house, but as an adult, our house is rarely without them. How about you? Do you eat more tortilla chips or potato chips, and which do you use more of, salsa or ketchup? Take our polls below.