Dennis and Judi had their favorite American Idol contestant on the air with them this morning and once again, the superstar did not disappoint.

Jax, from East Brunswick, NJ, joined her favorite NJ talk show hosts to discuss what it's like to be part of the final eight on 'American Idol.'

Judi opened up the interview by saying that Jax "is on the pulse of international stardom." From the way it sounds, Judi isn't far off her as Jax talked about how things have changed for her just in the short time since she started 'Idol.'

To Jax, the biggest surprise is just going out and being noticed by her fans. Jax says that even when her parents visit her out in California, they get noticed and approached by her fans. "I can't even go to get pizza at the mall without people noticing me," Jax says.

The coolest thing about Jax as Dennis and Judi have always said, is Jax's ability to stay true to who she is, throughout this entire process. Jax was so much fun, extremely real, warm and friendly when she was here in the studios before she left for California. That is still true today as she explained how excited she gets when she meets fans and they come up to her like an old friend. "When they come up to me, they feel like they actually know me."

Dennis and Judi thought that her most recent performance was her best to date, taking her talents to an entirely different level.  Jax says that was she wasn't really out to show her versatility as much as she was just in love with the song. "I wasn't even thinking so much about the judges or America or anything, I was so in love the song. I was just so invested in the lyrics and the darkness of the song, it was such a perfect song."

Jax, who was home schooled, says being on American Idol is awesome, like being in the high school she never went to. The other finalists challenge her to be better and there's no competition behind the scenes. They just keep making each other better in different ways. "Everyone brings so much to the table."

After wowing the judges and America for so many weeks now, you would think that Jax would have lost the nerves behind performing but as she says, it is a different kind of nerves now. "I think that it's ore that it could be your last performance. It's that kind of anxiety. Now it's more like I have to not mess up at all because that could completely kill my Idol career."

As far as her favorite competition on the show, it would be Nick Fradiani. Jax says she relates to him because they both are east coast and similar music backgrounds.

Jax even admits to Dennis and Judi that her east coast roots have gotten her in trouble from a fashion standpoint in California. "I'm here in a t-shirt and basketball shorts and I think that's ok to walk outside and apparently I was wrong. People are like "what are you wearing?"

Jax did have a message for the folks back home. She isn't going to let her Idol success forget her favorite talk show hosts back in Jersey. "I want a jingle or something," Jax said. So when Dennis and Judi asked her to cut a new promo for them, Jax exclaimed "I love Dennis and Judi more than I love J-Lo's booty!"

Now THAT is high praise! Dennis and Judi had some fun with it on social media after the interview, tweeting the new slogan at Jax and she responded.  See the exchange below: