If you had any hope that society isn't fully dependent on technology, this will hurt your theory big-time.

Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

Workers check their email an average of 74 times per day, according to upcoming research from a technology professor in California, as reported by the Wall Street Journal.

The findings come as no surprise to Hilary Brennan, an etiquette expert and head of Socially Savvy in Moorestown.

"Employees' and employers' relationships now have become 24/7," Brennan told Townsquare Media. "They expect workers to be on-call at all times."

Brennan said the lines have become too blurred in terms of someone's personal time versus their corporate time, and the ability to truly engage with someone face-to-face "has been so far diminished."

"Everybody will tell you all the benefits and wonderful things that technology has done for us, but socially and emotionally and intellectually, there's a massive downside to it," she added.

Just as guidelines are set for kids and the time spent on their devices, Brennan said, adults should limit their own attachment to phones and laptops as well.

"You need some time to unwind and just be in the moment with somebody," she said. "Mentally, you need a break."