How many hours of your workday would you say are spent on facebook? How much of that time could be spent focusing on the job you’re being paid for? David Matthau’s article hits a nerve that should resonate with all businesses. Why should workers be allowed to use facebook and youtube on the job if it doesn’t pertain to their work? How many wasted fruitless hours should an employer have to pay for along with the cost of the bandwidth?

I’ve been in situations both as an employer and a business owner where I’ve tried to get something done, only to have the other person distracted by the conversation they’re having online. Is what you have to say so important that it can’t wait until you get off work?  These are usually the same people who complain about the job and the pay and can’t understand why they never seem to get anywhere. If you’re that addicted to putting every aspect of your life out there, but a smartphone and do it on your break. In fact, that could be the first thing you post.


Would you facebook in front of your supervisor? If the answer is no, then that’s how you should vote on this poll.