Do you remember the alligator mysteriously found in a swimming pool at the Atlantic City Bayview Inn and Suites during a police raid? It turns out that alligator had been used in a music video shot at that motel. Police had gone there looking for an Egg Harbor Township man wanted in connection with a drug-induced death among other things. While the raid was going on police made several other arrests, recovered drugs, and found this 3 foot alligator in the swimming pool.

So it turns out the creature, with its mouth taped shut, was used in a video for rapper Sean Temple's single "Damn", although you may know him better as Style 1. Or you may only know him as the handsome devil with the nice friends in this video. The video offers a behind-the-scenes peek at the making of the project and is filled with explicit language, so be warned.

One of those arrested that day, Bashawayn Whitted, appears in the video next to the alligator and identifies him as his son. Hmmm. These wholesome lads are regular herpetologists I guess, but I didn't know they were part gator. No idea how or why the alligator wound up in the pool. Not a very nice way to lose your son.

If you're not offended by the language take a look at these Mensa candidates and their use of a live alligator in this video. Obviously not safe for work. As far as the alligator is concerned, it is now residing at a zoo in Cape May County. No doubt missing thug life.

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