The woman accused of keeping dozens of dogs in a filth-riddled house in Lakewood has a June 11th date in municipal court to answer to charges filed by the New Jersey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (NJSPCA).

Crews rescue dogs from a home in Lakewood (John Bergman)

Complaints were filed May 22 against Laura Giancini, 50, of Spruce Street, according to NJSPCA President Captain Rick Yocum, through agency spokesman Matt Stanton. She's charged with failing to provide a living creature with necessary care.

NJSPCA indicates that "multiple charges" were filed regarding 30 dogs in "horrid" conditions. The agency oversaw removal from the Spruce Street dwelling, with assistance from several rescue and shelter groups, the Ocean County Animal Shelter and Lakewood Animal Control.

Still to be determined are whether Ms. Giancini has retained a lawyer, what led to the circumstances, or the potential penalties regarding the municipal statute.