This thing was hanging on my screen window of my porch Friday morning, just before sunrise. If it was any bigger I would have gone back to bed and hoped I was in a bad dream. It's wing span can reach about 4 1/2 inches and it's called a "Luna Moth". They can be spotted in New Jersey this time of year and up until mid-July just as they're coming out of their cocoons.

It's in the silk worm moth and is rarely spotted in daylight except for when it emerges from it's cocoon on any given day in mid-morning. They usually come from sweet gum trees, white birch, persimmon, sumacs, hickory and walnut trees. These colorfu,l yet freaky looking, big ass moths are only around for a short time and rarely seen in daylight. If you're an early riser you may get a glimpse before they ground themselves for the day. If not, I managed to get a couple of shots on the screen Friday morning.

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