Boston chef-owner Michael Scelfo of Alden & Harlow was incensed by 2 customers who sat down in his restaurant without reservations and then put the Yelp app up on their phones, pretending to review the restaurant. Scelfo decided to turns the tables on the patrons.


Scelfo took to Instagram to shame the two women using the hashtag ##WeDoNotNegotiateWithYelpers at the end of his post. Here's an excerpt of what Scelfo wrote as a description:

shout out to these two winners for seating themselves with no reservations, insulting and berating our staff, refusing to leave and all the while yelping away in front of us as a means of threat. #kbye #wedontnegotiatewithyelpers


Scelfo has since been applauded for his move and shaming the women, rather than trying to just appease them so they wouldn't post a bad review.

As Judi noted on air, there are some people who can walk into a place and you can tell they have a bone to pick or are looking for something to complain about. No matter what you do to make some people happy, they're going to find something to complain about it.

Would you take someone's opinion who may have had an ax to grind on a review site such as Yelp or do you form your own opinions when you go to a business?

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