The weekend forecast worked out pretty well, except Sunday was a touch milder than I expected.  I thought it would be near 60, and it got to 64 in Atlantic City and 62 in Wrightstown. The normal high is 57 or 58 for this time of year. 

It looks as though today's temperatures will be probably no better than the low to middle 50s with some sunshine and patchy clouds around.

We're going to have an Artic air mass coming in for the next couple of days.  It may be preceded and accompanied by some showers of rain initially coming in later tonight, and the rain could be changing over to snow flurries or snow showers tomorrow morning in some spots, especially through the North and West of the Route 95 corridor.

We'll start to clear out on Tuesday and temperatures will probably be no better than in the low 40s.

Sunny on Wednesday with temperatures in the low to middle 40s.

There's no coastal storm to worry about this week.