In the past, we've talked about whether or not someone who is obese should have to buy two seats on an airplane and I've always said that if someone cannot fit within the arm rests, they should definitely have to, as to not make another passenger uncomfortable. Well, here we go again, as Arthur Berkowitz had to stand through almost for most of a seven hour flight from Alaska to Philadelphia on US Airways because the man next to him spilled over into his seat, to the point where Berkowitz could not even fasten his seatbelt during take off or landing. What's even worse is that the airline would only reimburse him with a $200 voucher, which I feel is totally unacceptable. A two hundred dollar voucher can't even get you a one way ticket to most destinations. His ticket cost over $800 and the other man should have had to pay for two.
How much do you think he should have been reimbursed? Have you ever had to argue with the airlines over something? Listen tonight to "After Hours" and call me with your stories!