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1) The Daytona 500 was missing the ceremonial flyover by the Air Force Thunderbirds – a casualty of the sequester budget cuts. Do you feel flyovers are all that necessary at major sporting events?

2) How will the sequester cuts affect you…or do you feel this is all just bluster on the part of either the President or leaders of Congress?

3) Trees are being removed in one section of the Parkway to make for wider shoulders. Will you miss them much? And what Area of the Parkway scares you the most?

4) Revel is hiring bankers and lawyers to prepare for bankruptcy. If you’ve been to the place, what’s wrong with it that they’re going broke?

5)”Argo” wins Best Picture in last night’s Oscar awards. In your estimation…what was the Best Movie of All Time and Your Favorite Movie of all time?

6) What all did your Bachelor’s Degree get you, if anything; and do you feel you need some college to get ahead?
Due to the high cost of a higher education, do you think getting a bachelor's degree is worth it?

7) What were some of the things you used to either buy off the street…or have delivered to you?

8) Do you feel it’s racist for a white guy going to a masquerade party dressed as an African American to wear blackface? A N.Y. lawmaker who wore blackface and an Afro wig to a party says he meant no offense.

9) Seamless Wireless or No Cell Tower – Which is More Important… and how bad is the service in your area? [POLL]

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