If you are a New Jersey resident and are looking for more information from FEMA we're providing a link to a page that may be helpful to you.

PSE+G crews making repairs following Hurricane Sandy (Twitter)

The link is directly to FEMA's website and it assists in answering frequently asked questions that many people have for the following categories:

If you would like to see the full page of FAQ's on FEMA's website, click HERE.

If you are still in need of housing, you can access FEMA's housing portal by clicking HERE.

FEMA spokesperson Darrell Habisch called in this morning (11/12) to update everyone on how FEMA is progressing across NJ with their relief efforts. There have been six new disaster recovery centers open, which now brings it to a total of 22 across the Garden State. You can register at any one of those recovery centers for FEMA relief or as always, you can go to their website as well, DISASTERASSISTANCE.GOV, to register there as well.

Click on the audio player below to listen to the entire interview Darrell Habisch below: