Early on Saturday, the internet was buzzing with rumors that Adam Lambert had teamed up with the surviving members of Queen as their new lead vocalist, replacing Paul Rodgers. Yes, that Adam Lambert. Now, I'm not one to judge by appearance. Isn't it all about expressing yourself in today's day and age? The dude can sing, there's no doubt about it. I just don't know if he can pull off the vocals on songs like "You're My Best Friend" and "Fat Bottomed Girls". If he can put his own spin on it and pull it off, more power to him. Below is a list I have compiled of singer/band combinations that would be far weirder than Adam Lambert and Queen. Feel free to add your own!

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    "Pat Monahan Leaves Train, Joins Van Halen!"

    We're in the midst of a David Lee Roth/Van Halen renewing of the vows. How long will that last? Probably not too long. Eddie, Alex and Wolfgang make up the rest of the new band, and they're about to go out on tour with a new album. There's already been some speculation that the rest of the band is tired of Roth's rambling on stage. Not to mention, all of them, with the exception of Eddie's son, Wolfgang, have egos the size of Saturn.

    Who would come to the rescue when the rest of Van Halen needs to make a quick buck again? Why not Pat Monahan? Back in 2010, Santana released a cover album entitled, "Guitar Heaven". It was a cover of classic rock staples where he teamed up with a plethora of vocalists ranging from Nas to Chris Cornell to, yes, Pat Monahan. Check out Santana and Pat Monahan tackling Van Halen's "Dance The Night Away" by clicking the play button to the left. It could work. As far as stage presence is concerned, keep in mind Pat Monahan is the man who wrote and recorded the laid back ukelele hit, "Hey, Soul Sister".

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    "Billy Joe Armstrong Ditches Green Day, Hops On As Lead For Clash Reunion"

    QUICK! Name three punk rock bands! Ask someone who lived through the 70s and you'll hear responses like: The Ramones, The Sex Pistols and The Clash. Ask a 13-year old Green Day fan and you'll get: Green Day, Green Day and Blink-182. Big difference, but both are considered punk rock, just from different times. While Green Day's earlier albums reflect their punk-predecessors like The Clash, they have since evolved into an easy listening sing-a-long band. Not that I'm criticizing that, it's a way of changing with the times and what's going to sell records. Now imagine for a second the surviving members of The Clash decide to get back together. (I considered using The Ramones for this example as well, but considering Tommy Ramone is the only original member still alive, a lead vocalist is not the only issue.) The Clash decide to travel the US, UK and Japan so they can rock these cities with "London Calling" one last time. Front man, Joe Strummer (John Graham Mellor) passed away in 2002 and he was the only one in the band who could really pull off all of those songs on a nightly basis. Enter: Billy Joe Armstrong, the same guy who sings "When I Come Around" and "Boulevard of Broken Dreams". It would certainly be weird. While both are considered to be punk rock, the two styles are vastly different. For a glimpse as to what it would sound like, click the play button to the left. Hear Green Day doing one of the songs The Clash made famous, "I Fought The Law".

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    "Black Eyed Peas Megastar Takes Over As Lead Of Guns N' Roses"

    Oh no! Axl Rose's voice finally gave out. After years and years of belting "Paradise City", he had to hand in the towel. The members of Guns N' Roses still need to make money right? What kind of draw is that? No chance a band with no Axl and no Slash will sell out arenas. Besides, Axl owns the rights to Guns N' Roses. But the members of the band know all of the songs. They decide to start their own project.

    But what to call it? Well, luckily the Black Eyed Peas are taking a break from recording techno records. Guns N' Fergie? Despite the overuse of autotune through the years, Fergie does have a very good voice has a good voice sometimes. She can hit the high notes and she knows how to grab the crowds attention. I can guarantee you that she won't have the band wait until 1am to come out and perform as well. Eh, throw some reverb in her mic and you won't be able to tell the difference! This would certainly be a site for sore eyes (and sore ears on some nights). Click the play button to hear Fergie and Slash collaborating on stage with a rendition of "Sweet Child O' Mine". Disregard the first 28 seconds of concert-banter. Make your own conclusions.

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    "Rihanna Does Marley; R&B Sensation Signs On With Wailers For Multi-Country Tour"

    Bob Marley was one of a kind. He's one of the few artists you know as soon as you hear the first note. Songs like "I Shot The Sheriff", "No Woman No Cry", and "One Love" are instilled in music history. His touring band, The Wailers, have toured since Marley's passing. Most recently, opening up for the band 311, with Elan Atias and Koolant Brown as co-lead singers. Hey everyone's looking for a return to the spotlight right? Bruce, Van Halen and Roger Waters all touring this year. The backing band for one of the most influential artists in pop culture deserve to have a shot right?

    Well, with all due respect to Elan Atias and Koolant Brown, those names aren't going to grab the attention of promoters. You need someone there to get the fans to show up. Why not Rihanna? Rihanna, a native of Barbados, is very proud of her island heritage. She busts out her accent in songs like "Man Down". Would this work? She would certainly be exposed to an entirely new fanbase. We've all heard the fast paced club hits. Slowed down Rihanna would certainly be an experience. A good experience? Who knows. To get a taste of what it would be like, click the play button to hear Rihanna's rendition of Marley's "Redemption Song".

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    "John, Paul, George & Ringo? That's So 1965! 2012, Make Way For Paul, Justin, Carlos And Ringo!"

    This will be a tough one to wrap your head around, but no one said this was going to be easy to take. We're talking hypothetical here, after all. Back on this past New Years Eve, one of the travesty's that took place was Justin Bieber and Carlos Santana collaborating on stage at Times Square performing the all-time Beatles classic, "Let It Be". It was tough to handle. It's not easy to substitute Paul McCartney with most people when it comes to vocals, but the Biebs?! Yikes! But, wait a second. Paul McCartney is very good at making money (and losing money in divorces). He knows how to stay relevant and he knows how to change up the game. It's been over 40 years and Paul wants to bring back The Beatles! Sadly, with the death of John Lennon and the passing of George Harrison, the fab four will forever be no more. That doesn't mean you can't still see The Beatles, though. McCartney decides to make some calls. Ringo's on board, what else would he be doing. Carlos Santana can fill in on guitar. Now, who should he get to fill in as his fellow lead vocalist? Whose presence is guaranteed to not only sell out concerts, but also sell expensive merchandise and TV time? The one and only, Justin Bieber! The soon-to-be 18 year old pop star is on the tip of the tongue of millions of young girls around the world. In fact, some would say Beatlemania is the only thing that can compare to what we've seen with Bieber. Dare we call it, "Biebermania"? This isn't out with the old and in with the new as far as the fan base is concerned. Beatles fans can still get their fix. Half of the band will be on stage. Paul will just be trading vocals with JB this time around. Maybe some experiments are just not meant to happen. Want to hear Justin Bieber covering The Beatles? You know the drill. Click the play button to hear him and Carlos Santana covering "Let It Be" on New Years Eve.

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