Dennis and Judi were discussing how 'Wolf of Wall Street's' Margot Robbie turned down an offer from Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner to pose nude in the famous magazine. Robbie  felt she had put her family through enough with a nude scene in the hit movie and declined Hefner's invite. Dennis was saying how absolutely stunning Margot Robbie is. But the true sign of just how hot Margot Robbie truly is, came from of a caller's comment.  A caller put it into perspective for Dennis and Judi when a woman said that Margot Robbie is so hot that "she would become a lesbian to be with her." Now THAT says something!

Check out a couple of photos of her below and see how amazingly beautiful she is.

Christopher Polk/Getty Images


Ethan Miller/Getty Images


If you've never seen the trailer for the movie 'Wolf of Wall Street' and Robbie's role in the movie, you can view it below.

What's your opinion of Margot Robbie? Who do you think is the most beautiful actress/model, etc?