I attended the initial New Jersey court appearance for Arthur Morgan III today in Freehold, where the details of Morgan's murder charge were laid out.

He is accused of killing his two-year-old daughter Tierra. Her body was found in a creek in Shark River Park, Wall Township. She was still strapped in her car seat.

Morgan appeared emotionless as he stood before Superior Court Judge Thomas Scully. Chained and handcuffed, the 27 year old answered questions with responses like "yes sir" and "no, that's fine."

However, the same could not be said for those in attendance with close ties to little Tierra. Family members cried and comforted each other as First Assistant Monmouth County Prosecutor Richard Incremona detailed the alleged events of November 21.

Early in the hearing, Incremona said Morgan used a car jack as an anchor when tossing Tierra's car seat from an overpass.

The defendant's uncle, Larry Glover, spoke to reporters following the court appearance. He said he wants to talk to his nephew.

"I've got to know the answer that everyone wants to know - why?" Glover said.