It was reported today that ACH, the Atlantic City casino formerly known as the Hilton, received the green light to use 25-cent and 50-cent chips at their table games. In my opinion, this is not only a sign of the times. It's an incredibly smart business plan by the casino to rebrand itself.

The casino, which has struggled financially for years, recently announced a plan to keep its doors open and spend millions in hopes of new life. 

The weak economy has kept folks from Atlantic City; people can't afford to gamble what may be their food allowance for the next two weeks. With ACH's lower chip amounts, however, those willing to be considered "low-rollers" can experience the thrill of gambling without the threat of losing too much cash. The potential of losing one's shirt is still there, but it's not as strong.

Also, low minimums attract amateurs. That's the whole reason behind $1 blackjack at other casinos. Lots of people go to AC without the intention to gamble, but if they spot an opportunity to join in the fun and only lose a buck at time, why not?

If ACH "plays its cards" right, it could be the next big thing in Atlantic City...until Revel opens.