Last night my wife and I watched the movie “Philomena” with Judi Dench, about a girl living in a convent who gets pregnant and is forced to give up her baby.

Years pass, and she often wonders what has become of him.

She eventually meets a journalist willing to tell her story, and goes on an expedition to find her son – when she was told he was given the impression he was abandoned by her.

She always wondered whether or not he thought of her – and finds out to her comfort and delight that he did.

So it should come as no surprise that a man currently living in Pennsylvania is seeking to find his biological mother who left him in a plastic shopping bag inside a Newark McDonalds 36 years ago.

If you were adopted and somehow found out you were abandoned as an infant or toddler, did you or would you seek out your biological parent?

David Volk of Allentown, Pa. is the 36 year old who wonders why his biological mother did what she did, and is seeking closure – this despite having lived a full life with his adoptive family and being married himself.

Many of these stories don’t have the “movie of the week” ending with the child and biological parent becoming “friends.”

However, and this is just my opinion, if I somehow knew that my biological mother abandoned me, I don’t think I’d be predisposed to seeking her out and wanting to know why.

In the final analysis, for each of us it’s a personal decision, and one can only hope, whatever the outcome, Volk gets the closure he’s seeking.

But the question is: If you were abandoned as a baby, would you make the effort to seek out your biological parents? (mother and/or father)?