Some people enjoy snapping photos of sunsets and flowers. These guys are a little different.

Cheating the law sometimes, as well as death, a group of "urban explorers" have taken it upon themselves to share the creepiest, most desolate places that New Jersey has to offer.

Tom and Ryan, each wishing to be identified by only their first name, have been inside and around sites in New Jersey that many of us would not be willing to touch with a 100-foot pole. And what they capture on camera, they share on their Facebook page Abandoned New Jersey.

From defunct bridges to deserted asylums, some of the photos look like they came straight out of a horror movie.

But it's all real, and it all exists right here in the Garden State.

"There's this need to capture, to document, to preserve it for later generations," Tom said. "It's part of life in New Jersey. It's part of life in the community. It's part of our rich, cultural history."

And even though it's all about the art, these guys admit they also get a thrill from being somewhere that's sealed off to the public.

"There's an element of adventure and excitement," Ryan said. "You don't really know where you're going; you don't know what you're going to find."

And what they find is bizarre, from piles of VHS tapes to complete employee files that include everything from names and addresses to W2 forms.

"The room tells a story about things that have happened there," Tom added.

For security reasons, the team would not share the specific names of many sites they explored, but Ryan did tell us the Paulinskill Viaduct in Knowlton is one of his favorite spots, and the former Sunset Motel in High Bridge may be the creepiest.

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Dino Flammia is a field reporter for New Jersey 101.5 news. Contact him at

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