To no one's surprise, the nice weather we have been having this winter...will likely continue this spring.

In making their annual predictions for spring and looking back on this winter season, National Weather Service Deputy Director Laura Furgione says the warm, dry exception for this winter season will probably continue this spring.  And she noted the already warm winter...recently became even warmer. Furgione says, "We've seen a sudden and sharp rise in temperatures in many areas east of the Rockies."

Many believe three main forces have come into play this winter to change the climate so drastically.  And for New Jersey, some of those forces are far, far away.


For instance, one official at the NOAA's Climate Prediction Center said the Madden-Julian Oscillation, a large disturbance that moves east around the Equator over several months can have an impact not only on rainfall but also weather around the globe.

And then there is the good ol' La Nina, a cooling of tropical Pacific water that impacts us three-thousand miles away.  The third influence might be the so-called Arctic Oscillation, the swirling of high and low atmospheric pressure over the Arctic.  No one is absolutely sure if these forces are all working on this unusual weather, but it is possible.

Furgione says on Wednesday of this week across the country we broke 189 record high temperatures in the 48 lower United States.

Also, the weather service says for the first time in four years, the risk of spring flooding is low.