There are signs of life trying to return to normal days after Sandy left behind a path of destruction in New Jersey. But for many, particularly on the state's barrier island, there's a new normal.


Traffic coming from the New Jersey Turnpike to Route 3 east heading for the Lincoln Tunnel (NJ DOT)

NJ Transit buses resumed service on 80 percent of their routes Thursday. Passengers will face delays because many traffic lights are out and roads are closed.
State government offices are reopening for the first time this week.
The return of at least part of the New York City subway system had commuters lined up at Penn Station at 6 a.m. while others found it a slow-go on gridlocked highways. Television footage today showed heavy traffic crawling into Manhattan as police turned away cars that carried fewer than three people — a rule meant to ease the congestion that paralyzed the city earlier this week.

The George Washington Bridge, to the suprise of many, was also under the 3-passenger maximum for those who wanted to travel into Manhattan once they got to the New York side.

Subways are running at no charge today and tomorrow;