Tonight is a big night for President Trump for sure.  It's his first address to a Joint Session of the United States Congress.

An opportunity to discuss some of the immediate actions he's taken to fulfill campaign promises.  And his time to lay out a vision for the nation over the next several years regarding health care, immigration, counter-terrorism and job creation.  It's customary for the first address like this for the President and the First Lady to invite special guests to join them at the Capitol.  Tonight our friend Megan Crowley and her mom Aileen will be guests of First Lady Melania Trump.

Megan was diagnosed with a rare disease at 15 months.  Thanks to the herculean efforts of her father John she is now 20 and a sophomore at Notre Dame.  You may have first learned about the Crowley family struggle from the book "The Cure," and then the hollywood movie starring Brendan Frasier and Harrison Ford.

Megan is a Jersey girl who's never let her physical condition caused by her battle with Pompe disease keep her down.  Congratulations Megan for being an inspiration to all of us.  Your strength and courage in the face of adversity are admirable and worthy of recognition by the new President of the United States.  Thanks also to President Trump and the First Lady for recognizing the efforts of this incredible New Jersey family.

Here is another picture of my daughter Elizabeth with Megan. If you take a close look, there is someone familiar in the background that could possibly be live Tweeting from the prom.

Photo Credit Bill Spadea

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