For this Father's Day Weekend I found myself having a pretty funked up time with my mom and dad. My parents and I went to see Bootsy Collins; a funk legend I never thought I would be able say I saw perform live.

Most known for playing with acts such as James Brown and Parliament Funkadelic, Boosty helped to create the soundtrack to what was my father's youth. Bootsy of course did not disappoint, and he reminded me how powerful music really is. By funking up bass solos and old hits, he invited his audience to time travel. Bringing back his signature illuminated bass and elaborate costumes, the concert was exactly how I would have imagined it being.

By the end of his show I really felt like I was in the 1970's. I witnessed people who grew up with that music freely dance and sing as if they were right back where they were when the songs were first released. People jumped up from their seats, rushed the stage, and danced in the aisles chanting "if you hear any noise, its just me and the boys, hit me!"

The fact that the 61 year old member of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is still able to capture a crowd like that and shred a bass solo is a true testament to a real musician.