I visited the New Giant's Stadium -- Met Life Stadium -- for the first time Sunday, and was treated to great seats and even better game. Getting into the stadium, however, leaves much to be desired.

I was actually feeling pretty good about the trip. I made great time zipping up the New Jersey Turnpike, and was looking forward to a tailgate burger and a cold adult beverage. I got right up to the parking lot...and was turned away. I didn't have a parking permit, and didn't know I needed one. After a confusing, meandering, and at times maddening, trip around the swamplands, I ended up on a deserted industrial road.

Not be deterred, I parked along the curb, unloaded my coleman tailgate grill, and was preparing to enjoy some semblance of a tailgate; only to be told I couldn't grill on THIS street, there was a SPECIAL satellite parking lot for grilling.

A long zombie like line of fans was streaming past, so I dutifully fell in beside them. After a half mile walk, it was onto a rickety old school bus for a jarring ride to the stadium.

And to think, I paid 30-bucks for this privilege.