Somewhere in Raritan, a parents is upset that the hair from their child’s first haircut is lost.

Actually a good Samaritan named Dianne Cirianni has found it, and wants to return it to its rightful owner.

The bag is marked “Dylan’s First Haircut” with the date written down – but Dianne has taken the precaution of blocking out the date to insure that the bag goes to the right person.

I received permission from Dianne to go ahead and tell her story. She said she'd appreciate any help she can get in returning Dylan’s hair to the parent.

Cirianni found the locks of hair Monday in a plastic zip-lock bag labeled "Dylan's 1st haircut" in the parking lot of Five Below on the Somerville circle in Raritan.

Anyone who knows the parents of this recently shorn child can get in touch with Cirianni via email at The bag is labeled with the date of the haircut so be prepared to know that date to identify yourself as the rightful owner.

I know what it is to save a child's first anything - especially from their first haircut.

My daughter still has my grandson's first few shorn locks of hair.

Nick's first haircut - Facebook

So if you found the bag, feel free to reach out to me here - or to Dianne directly at