An eleven year old boy from Bridgewater, NJ not only got to fly to Chicago with his dad, followed by a road trip to Green Bay, complete with a huge Giants rout of the Packers, but he also got a little something extra.

With just minutes left in the game, dad notices his son Brooks in heavy discussion with one of the Giants equipment guys. Then he comes out of Lambeau Field having been given the game ball. Seriously? I never even caught a stinkin’ foul ball! Read the full story here.

Another nice part of this is after things like a sports fan being beaten into a coma and an off duty NJ cop being pummeled for wearing the wrong jersey after the Winter Classic, the dad here mentions how there’s none of that ugliness in Green Bay. Completely decked out in everything Giants, the worst they got was the old fashioned good natured ball busting. “There’s no nicer group of people than Packers fans.”

Maybe so dad, but they’re still losers. GO GIANTS!