One of the nice things always said about living in New Jersey is when you want to do something in a big city, you have NYC and Philadelphia right in your backyard. It's one of those "wouldn't want to live there, but" things. I mentioned last week that I was planning a surprise for my wife Aubree and the surprise was a short getaway for the weekend to Philly.

Everything you do with a 10 month old baby is subject to change and chaos, but he couldn't have been better behaved. He seemed to 'get' that something special was happening. We stayed at a hotel, went to the Franklin Institute, Philadelphia Museum of Art, had dinner at Morimoto which is a high end sushi restaurant, and generally just had a blast.

She had no idea where she was going until the night before and I was so unsure of throwing this at her as a surprise we took calls last week on 'surprises gone bad'. The funniest one was a guy who's girlfriend was being thrown a birthday party by all her girlfriend's at someone's house so he thought it would be cute to send over a male stripper. It blew up in his face when it turns out the male stripper he hired was his girlfriend's ex-boyfriend who had turned into a stalker and she had a restraining order against. No such drama on our weekend! Check out the pics of our getaway.