I am so glad I did all my stupid high school stuff before the Internet existed.  This didn’t happen in Jersey, it’s a Seattle story, and I’m not sure why it is news, but I love the way it is written on the KOMO website.  

Flickr user: tinyfroglet

The basic story is this: a high school kid shows up at a party already drunk and instead of having him drive off, the host of the party lets him in.  Drunk guy makes his way into a bedroom where he promptly urinates on the bed and quilts.  For the rest of the story, KOMO refers to the drunk as “the bed wetter” as in “the bed wetter did this and the bed wetter did that”.  While his name is not given, I’m sure that everyone at the school knows who it is and he is going to be called “the bed wetter” for the rest of his life.  The reason this is news is because the host and the bed wetter have not come to an understanding about the dry cleaning bill, so the host head butted the bed wetter in the parking lot at the high school they attend.