A listener called into the Dennis and Judi Show a few weeks ago and brought up a product that is sure to become a hit among consumers.  She mentioned that she bought a family member texting gloves.  That is right, gloves you can wear to keep your hands warm during the winter while also having easy access to text.

Sure enough, when the show returned from the holiday break, Judi announced that she bought these texting gloves for everyone in her family.  With winter here and texting now a part of everyone's daily routine, maybe you will want to pick yourself up a pair of texting gloves.

The type of gloves found on Amazon.com use a special material that works like human fingers. There are also gloves that allow you to uncover your fingers in order to text.  You can find texting gloves with a quick Google search or you can find some on Amazon.com here.

Are you going to buy yourself or a loved one texting gloves? Or will you stick with the old fashioned way of texting in the cold?