It's not very often that we get two hilarious calls during the same hour. That wasn't the case for this week's Dennis & Judi "LMAO Call of the Week" nominees.

Amelia from Plainfield and Jean from West Windsor are this week's contenders for Dennis & Judi's "LMAO Call of the Week", who both called in as we were discussing overweight people on airplanes.

As a frequent caller of the show, Amelia from Plainfield was debating her body type with Dennis & Judi, saying she has the body of Raquel Welch. As always, Amelia got so sidetracked to the point where Dennis screamed out "get to the point madam!"

Jean from West Windsor recalls a terrible flight where she was stuck sitting in between two "bombolinas". Jean used color vocabulary when describing her story with phrases such as "ham hock arms". We thought of a children's book title for Jean's story, "Aunt Gina and the Two Bombolinas".

Thanks for voting for this week's Dennis & Judi "LMAO Call of the Week".

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