As you know from the show this morning I suffered through the entire 90-minute-plus debate last night.  It was not as entertaining as I thought it could have been. Actually it was kinda boring.  That said, this is a good thing.  Electing a president is not something that should need to fall into the category of entertainment.  Something I did notice this year more than previous years is the incredible attention given to the race from young people.  No, not millennials, who seem somewhat indifferent to the whole thing, but kids much younger.  Middle school as a matter of fact.

My son's civics teacher, Mr. McCann asked the eighth graders to stay up for the debate to discuss in class the following day.  So my son and several boys from the class watched the entire thing...and remained interested and asking questions.  What was really interesting was that the big moment for the boys was Trump's response to Hillary's inquiry about his taxes.  He'll release his return when she releases the deleted emails.

Regardless of your partisan loyalty or candidate preference, at least this was a serious point during the debate.  The adults all over twitter last night instead chose to make the biggest deal of sniffling and pants suits.  No wonder why the country gets into trouble.

On a side note, Mr. McCann graduated from Princeton and law school in Philly only to turn down what could have been a promising and lucrative career in law, to teach middle schoolers about civics.  We talk a lot about how impressive it is to see someone doing the job they should be doing.  Refreshing to see a teacher push the kids toward learning something valuable.

Two more debates to go...

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